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These are the most frequent questions, if you have more, write me without any craving: misshappyflash@gmail.com

– Where is Miss Happy Flash?

I am in the Maresme, specifically in Arenys de Mar, a fishing town 30 minutes from Barcelona. From here I travel to any corner of the world. I speak French, I know English and I love to travel and discover new places.

-What’s your style?

What I like most is naturalness and casual photography. I do not like you, nor do I like brides and boyfriends “princess.” I’m sorry but these are not my couples. I like to take pictures of all those who say that you do not like poses, that you ask me to photograph your family and friends, those who are looking for someone to put their nose in your wedding, as if you were And extract all the juice and make it pretty. This is me. And another thing: I have a catxondo point and I try to extract the sense of humor, if it is there, of the wedding.

-Is it a team?

Miss Happy Flash is Marta Huertas and always I am who do all the photographs, I edit them, I select and deliver them. I am the one who speaks with you and with whom we will organize ourselves so that everything goes well. At weddings and in a session that requires it, I am accompanying the Dídac Rocher, who, apart from capturing the moments with a lovely look, is my partner. We make a good team, we understand each other and spend well at weddings, and this is shown in our photos.

-Why are you two photographers at weddings?

Not only is it a matter of having a spare camera, at some moments we need extra lighting, a flash of counter, if we are two we can offer a scene from different angles (you will see it in our photos) and the most Important: a wedding is approximately 12 hours, we go up and down, we run, jump, etc. We do not want to run the risk that one or both of them may hurt or be bad and that you remain without a photographer. Going both we are much calmer.

-Does you more than one wedding a day?

Flatly no. My fingers and eyes would not give to make two of them! I like to be 100% and live every wedding on top, without thinking of anything else. Nor do I do it two seconds if I see that the hours can be overlapped (morning and night) and I see that I can not have the energy and concentration I need for each one.

Is it important that we meet before the wedding?

Rotundly yes. I need to meet you, talk to you, explain my life, how you met, make a coffee or a beer and laughter, that you get updated on the lios that you wear with the dress or shoes, etc. . Do you know why? Because then, when the wedding day arrives, we are like the family, we come to the wedding full of enthusiasm because we have lived with you the process and we have much more information to do what we have to do: explain your story in pictures. If we can not find ourselves physically we can find ourselves on Skype.

-How many pictures do during the wedding?

We do not count or set limits, shoot everything we have to shoot, fill cards, spend batteries, if things happen, we shoot it without cutting a hair.

– How many pictures do you deliver us?

Once all of the photos are edited and selected, we get about 800, but it may be a bit more or less, depending on how the wedding has been. We deliver all the photos without marks of water. High resolution (to be able to print) and low resolution (to be able to send and share).

-Delete all the photos? Also unedited ones?

No. For me an unedited photo is an unfinished photo. The edition is what gives the picture the final touch and allows you to be part of a story. It does not make any sense to give me 2000 unfinished pictures. You were bored to look at them, and magic would be lost. Unsecured photos are those that are either repeated because there are very similar ones, or someone with closed eyes, etc.

-What time will we have our photos?

Two weeks after the wedding (at most) we upload to our website a gallery with a protected wedding with a password so you can share it with friends and family. All final delivery is done in two months.

– How do you deliver the pictures?

In a wooden box that includes an 8GB wooden pendrive engraved with your names and 12 printed sheets in fineart quality size 10×15 cm. You can see it here.

-Select your photos from the album?

The pictures are selected by you, but we like to participate in the process and advise you on the choice so we do it together.

-Packages spare parts?

Yes, I bring two bodies of camera and various goals, flashes, batteries, chargers, cards, accessories, etc.

-What are your rates?

These are the prices for 2018 and up to 150km from Arenys de Mar

The price of the photo with an editorial album of 100 pages. Is € 1400 + VAT

You can see more info about the albums here.

– How do we reserve the date?

Writing quickly and contacting me. I will tell you if I have the available date and from here we will organize. The date is effectively reserved with the signing of the contract and a payment and signal of € 300.

– More questions?

Write to me at misshappyflash@gmail.com